Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts Engagement Session: Kiley + Elliot


As a Little Rock Wedding and Engagement photographer, I’ve explored endless breathtaking locations for photo sessions and met countless incredible couples. Sometimes the locations are the standout of a session, and sometimes couples easily steal the spotlight. But every now and then, a location and a couple fit together so flawlessly that it feels like magic! And after just a quick glance at Kiley and Elliot’s images, you’ll certainly agree that their Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts engagement session was one of those breathtaking treats! 

I first discovered the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts when they started advertising its re-opening. I knew right away that I had to bring a gorgeous couple and my camera here ASAP. Kiley and Elliot totally trusted me when searching for the perfect engagement session location and I knew that the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts was just the spot! Their bubbly but tender personalities were perfectly showcased by the top-tier architecture and perfect green space of the location. It was, without a doubt, meant to be! 

But what is most incredible about this pair is unquestionably the love they have for each other. 

Each time I asked them to smile at each other or share a light kiss, the romance was off the charts! These two are so in love, and I can’t wait until the day their love story becomes a Happily Ever After. 

Kiley and Elliot told me before our session that they were looking forward to seeing themselves naturally in their images, and thanks to our astonishing location, it wasn’t difficult to deliver! The neutral backdrop coupled with small pockets of fall gave the whole session a romantic feel, and the mild fall weather added a sprinkle of joy. 

But let’s be honest: how could the images be anything less than stunning with a pair like this one in front of the lens? Finding the perfect spot to take engagement photos isn’t always easy, but you better believe I’ll be returning to the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts over and over again! Congratulations, Kiley and Elliot on your engagement and I can’t wait to celebrate you both in the spring at Legacy Acres

Are you planning a wedding of your own and searching for the perfect photographer? I’d love to get to know you and chat about how we can fill a gallery with the engagement images (AND WEDDING IMAGES) of your dreams!

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