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7 Must-Have Wedding Images

Wedding image of the grandeur house in little rock arkansas


You’ve spent months planning your wedding day, and now it’s finally almost here and there are some must-have wedding images you need, my dear. Your guests have RSVPed, your vendors are all lined up, and you’ve chosen the dress. You’ve hired the perfect photographer to capture your day, but what do you want them to capture?

A professional wedding photographer is an expert at catching all the important moments and details of a ceremony and reception, but there may be some specific details and shots you want him/her to get. After all, you want to remember every part of your wedding day, and once everything is said and done, your images will be one of the few things you’ll have left.

Whether you plan to decorate your home with your wedding images or create an album—or both—I’ve put together a list of some images you may not think of but don’t want to miss out on.

The Invitation Suite

This may seem like an odd thing to photograph, but think about how much thought and planning you’ve put into the details of your wedding day. Your save-the-date cards, invitations, and RSVP responses all match and look great together, but after they’re all mailed off, you won’t see them again. Set aside a set to have your photographer snap a photo of on the wedding day, so you can appreciate how they matched your color scheme.

The Rings

wedding ring and bands during an arkansas wedding in little rock

Your wedding bands and engagement ring are a symbol of your love for and commitment to each other. Capturing this detail, especially if you have engraved bands, is the perfect memento of your wedding day.

The Little Things

bridal details during anthony chapel garvan gardens wedding in hot springs arkansas

From jewelry to shoes to the garter, the details of your wedding are things others may not see and you may forget. After all the planning you’ve put into the details of your day, you’ll want images of each little thing that made your wedding extra special.

bridal details during anthony chapel garvan gardens wedding in hot springs arkansas

Getting Ready

bridal details during anthony chapel garvan gardens wedding in hot springs arkansas

One of the joys of your wedding day is getting all dolled up and looking your best. Why not capture those moments as you prepare to walk down the aisle? From makeup to hair, it will be fun to look back on the images of your transformation into a bride.

Just Before the First Look

While the first look is a beautiful, intimate moment between you and your soon-to-be spouse, there’s something especially sweet about the moments before that look. Whether you’re sneaking up on your partner or peering around a doorway, those feelings of anticipation and joy are ones you’ll definitely want to be captured.

The Ceremony Setup

Just like the details and invitations, images of your ceremony space are a perfect way to capture all your hard work. Whether you’re getting married in a gorgeous venue or with a stunning natural backdrop, images of the space before the ceremony will give you a chance to look back on your décor and venue choices in the years to come.

Party Favors/Reception Details

After all your planning, you’ll want images of your reception details just as much as your ceremony details. From the dessert table to the party favors, be sure to have your photographer capture all the little things that delight your guests.

Of course, you want images of all the big moments of your wedding day: the ceremony, the first kiss, your first dance, and everyone partying the night away. But don’t forget all the little moments you’ll also want to look back on in the years to come! I hope that this list of 7 must-have wedding images are helpful-be sure to give them to your photographer to ensure that he/she captures them for you!

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Are you planning a wedding of your own and searching for the perfect engagement and wedding photographer? I’d love to get to know you and chat about how we can fill a gallery with images of your dreams! Contact me! I’d love to!

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