White Rock Mountain Arkansas Proposal

woman and man sharing a kiss at white rock mountain arkansas during their surprise proposal


man proposing to woman at white rock mountain arkansas during their surprise proposal

I am super excited to share this beautiful White Rock Mountain Arkansas Proposal with you! Seth is the absolute sweetest and was beaming with joy and nervousness leading up to the day.

Seth contacted me via email and asked if I was available to shoot this special moment in his life and I absolutely did not decline! Seth and Allison had been dating a little over a year and he decided that it was time to pop the question to the love of his life.

Seth had every single detail planned out. He brought his best friend Sean along for the ride. Sean had a lot of responsibility on his shoulder on the day of the proposal–a key thing was to ensure that the picnic did not blow over the side of the bluffs!

Seth wanted to wait until closer to sunset to pop the question. Allison was a little curious as to what was going on because Seth told her that they were going to a Haunted House. I guess that Haunted House was 2000 above sea level, nestled in the Ozark National Forest! Seth and Sean went to pick up flowers that morning and Sean was responsible for getting the picnic setup and flowers to the bluff where Seth would propose. Sean did an amazing job!

Seth lead Allison to the overlook and she kept asking for a blanket because it was a little chilly. Seth kept putting her off until he finally decided it was time to head over to where the picnic area was placed. As soon as Seth got Allison into position, I could hear him telling her about how much she meant to him. Allison smiled with joy. Seth finally got on one knee and asked the famous question, “Will You Marry Me?” and of course Allison said yes, with tears!

Enjoy a visual recap of this beautiful White Rock Mountain Arkansas Proposal below and be sure to tell the lovely couple congratulations!

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