Mandalay Canals Wedding

Bride and groom sharing a kiss under a beautiful arch during their dallas texas wedding


Nicole and Micah

A Mandalay Canals wedding is an absolute must if you’re in Dallas! Dallas has so many gorgeous locations for intimate weddings. Mandalay Canals did not disappoint for Nicole and Micah’s first portraits as husband and wife!

I met Nicole and Micah two years ago and photographed their engagement session. The pandemic hit and they decided to postpone their wedding celebration in 2020. Well, as many of you know, 2021 is flying by and the pandemic has not gotten any better, so Nicole and Micah eloped and decided to hold their big celebration at a later date. And how lucky am I to be the one to capture their first moments as husband and wife?!

Nicole and Micah met while attending college in Arkansas. They both moved to Dallas/Fort Worth Texas to pursue their careers. Micah adores Nicole so much–he ensured that every single hair was in place before we took pictures and her makeup was on point. It is an absolute tearjerker to see a man express his feelings for the love of his life. These two are so in love, I’m so happy to see their love story becomes a Happily Ever After.

Nicole’s white off-the-shoulder gown with a bouquet of white roses and hydrangeas from my favorites over at Cabbage Rose Florist was absolute perfection. Micah’s blue suit with a pink tie and handkerchief complemented Nicole’s gown so well. The Mandalay Canal at Las Colinas provided the perfect backdrop for their portraits — it gives European/old world vibes and I’m here for it!

How could the images be anything less than stunning with a pair like this one in front of the lens! Intimate weddings at Mandalay Canals are a must! Thank you two for rocking and rolling with me in the heat of August and being down for all of my ideas! I’m so happy that you two have each other and I look forward to watching you two blossom together and have all of the babies your hearts desire!

Enjoy the visual recap of this gorgeous Mandalay Canals wedding below and leave them so love in the comment section!

african american couple posing for camera in wedding attire during their dallas texas wedding
african american man and woman smiling at each other during their dallas texas wedding

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