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Wedding Day Exit Inspiration and Ideas

The end of your wedding day begins your life together as married couple. How exciting is that?! Lately, there a a lot of great ways to signal the end of your wedding day and as a wedding photographer, I have seen quite a few!

Here are a few examples of wedding day exits!


Sparklers are very common as a wedding day exit. Guests hold sparklers and they sparkle (duh, sparklers!) so pretty as you and your spouse walk through! It’s a lot of fun and I promise, no one has ever caught on fire! Make sure that you venue will allow sparklers as I have encounter some venues do not. If your venue will allow for sparklers, make sure your wedding planner is able to help coordinate the lighting of the sparklers and where they should be disposed after use!


Bubbles are a safe and inexpensive option for a wedding day send off! There is minimal to no clean up and requires a lot less coordination than sparklers, and they are just as beautiful as any other method. Bubbles as a send off are enjoyed by many during the exit and photographs so well!

Smoke Bombs/Smoke Sticks

These come in all sorts of colors, but come with a little drawback. They can possibly cause your exit images to look a little hazy if there is too much smoke in the exit area, and may cause some type or irritation to sensitive people. But trust me, they are cute if done correctly!

Just remember to enjoy the last few moments of your celebration with your family and friends, no matter what kind of exit you choose. Wedding days move fast, and you will want to take in whatever you can! If you are unsure which option is good for you and your wedding day venue, ask your wedding planner and contact at the venue so you’ll know the perfect choice for you!

Would you like to chat about wedding day exits for your perfect day? Contact me, I’d be more than happy to!

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