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Friday Five Series Volume 2!

Happy Friday everyone! Here is another addition to my Friday Fives series! June just started and has already proved itself to be a very busy month!

1. White nail polish

To be honest, it is perhaps the only color that I get when I frequent the nail salon— on my fingers and my toes! I’ve tried other colors, but none make me as happy as pure white!

2.  Summer Break with Ashton

Ashton has grown up so fast, she’ll be 6 in a few short weeks! And, aside from wedding photography, I am also a dance mom. Ashton is a competitive dancer in jazz, tap, and hope to be soon lyrical dance. Ashton was spending 3 days a week at dance, and because she is a competitive dancer, she does not get a normal summer break. We spend summer break preparing for nationals and gearing up for the next ear so she won’t lose what she has learned during the year.

Summer break allows us to slow down just a little bit, so Ashton has been going to dance two days a week to prep for nationals!

3. Journaling

I have not ever been a big journal-er (if that is even a word) in the past, but lately it allows me to clear my head and slow down just a bit!

4. Cycling class

Cycling class (called RPM by Les Mills in my area) is perhaps one of the best things that has ever happened. I. LOVE. IT. PERIOD! If you’re in my area, you should come try it with me! If I just so happen to be in your city, we should find cycling class and go together!

5.  iPhone charging case

My phone never stays charged, and I’m not even sure why (of course I know why!) . Its hovers nicely between 20-56% everyday. I recently went and purchased the iPhone Xs Max charging case from Apple and it has been a lifesaver for me! Especially if I’m in the car and Ashton decides that she wants to watch Youtube Kids or play on ABC Mouse!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of Friday Fives! Check out my About Me page to learn a little bit more! Want to discuss booking me as your wedding photographer and get our nails done together, Shoot me a message!

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