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Planning Your Wedding? Read This Now!

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Dear Bride and Groom,

Your engagement is full of excitement, joy, and fun. You two have been waiting for this moment, and it is finally here!

It’s time to plan your big day! You are likely excited about it, but you also have heard how much stress is related to wedding planning. Here’s a secret for you (handed down by my parents): Planning your wedding is not an essential part of this season of your life.

Honestly, wedding planning is not as important as you think it should be. Instead, your marriage should be a priority. As you enter your engagement season, please know that your wedding is only one day. The wedding will last forever, and you’re about to commit to forever–this is a big deal!

As you plan your wedding, make sure that you are also preparing for your marriage. Marriage books, conferences, and pre-marital counseling should be a priority. Make sure that you discuss all big things with your significant other. Continue to date each other to decompress from wedding planning (make sure you don’t discuss anything related to wedding planning either!)

Surround yourself with those who will cheer you on. Be selective about who you let speak over your marriage. Spend time with those who are older and wiser and have successful marriages — they offer quite a bit of wisdom.

I could talk forever about this — I’ve watched my parents successfully be married 43 years and counting, and while things have not always been roses and sugar, the love they have for each is a pure example of what I want my marriage to look like when I get married. Remember: your wedding day is only one day, the marriage is for a lifetime. I’m here for you and cheering you!


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