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Engagement Session Series: Outfits

The Engagement Series is for brides who are in the planning process of their wedding and are getting all fancy and pretty for their engagement session. Today’s blog post is picking your outfit for your engagement session! Planning a wedding is stressful; your photography experience shouldn’t be. 

Dress It Up!

There is no such thing as being too dressed up when it comes to your engagement session! Have an outfit with sequins or tulle and want to wear it? Please do! Flowy dresses and long skirts photograph very well. I have many brides who opt to rent their engagement session outfits from places such as Rent The Runway. I also have brides who love having a great excuse to find a new piece to add to the wardrobe!

man and woman smiling engagement session

Dresses, Yes! 

Long flowy dresses and skirts add extra movement to the photo and look amazing on camera. If you’re not into long, no worries. Short dresses photograph just as beautiful. Dresses and skirts help to flatter the female body, and when paired with a heel, we look taller, and our legs look amazing! 

I recommend saying yes to at least one dress/skirt for your engagement session!

One or Two — That is the Question

The number of outfits is up to you. I recommend that my couples have two options–a dressy option and a more casual option. You do not have to bring to outfits if it is becoming stressful. 


I recommend choosing lighter tones and muted shades. These colors photograph very well. Wearing neutral tones and muted shades helps to ensure that the focus of the image is on your two and the love you have for each other and not the color of your outfit. Bold colors (such as red and orange) tend to throw a color cast on the skin and makes your outfit the center of attention instead of you. If you have to wear a dark option, I would consider black or navy blue–especially if you are going for a black-tie look in your photos. The softer color palette works very well in almost all outdoor sessions.

When it comes to patterns, ensure that both of you are not in a small design. Small designs/patterns can show up purple in post-processing because the camera is having a hard time defining the pattern. Think of it this way-if the groom prefers to wear a pattern, then the bride should choose a solid color from the design and match it accordingly. 

I hope that you find these tips for choosing your engagement session outfit helpful! Contact me if you have any questions. I am happy to help! 


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