Proposal Photographer: Hire One!

man and woman holding hands facing each other during their white rock mountain arkansas surprise proposal


Hiring a proposal photographer to capture the moment you pop the question allows you to hang on to that memory for years to come. Your proposal is one of the most important moments in your life and definitely one you want to remember. Whether you’re planning an extravagant proposal or your decision is a little more spur-of-the-moment, consider these reasons for hiring a photographer for your big moment.

man proposing to woman at white rock mountain arkansas during their surprise proposal

Your partner will be grateful.

It’s so easy for both of you to get completely caught up in the moment that you may not remember much afterward. But your proposal is something both of you will want to remember, and hiring a photographer is a wonderful way to show how much you care and how much effort you put into making the proposal special.

woman hugging man at white rock mountain arkansas during proposal

Personalize your save-the-dates.

Most people use their engagement photos for their save-the-dates, but a proposal photo can be a great alternative—and you don’t have to wait until your engagement photos are ready to order your announcements. Plus, using your proposal photos for your save-the-date cards allows you to let your family and friends in on the moment.

woman and man sharing a kiss at white rock mountain arkansas during their surprise proposal

Have an engagement session.

Chances are you’re already both dressed up and looking fancy, and you have a photographer there too. Why not capture a few more images? These don’t have to be your official engagement photos, but taking photos together is a great way to capture the happiness you’re feeling. Just keep in mind, if you’re planning to take engagement photos as well, your proposal spot should be picturesque.

woman and man sharing a kiss at white rock mountain arkansas during their surprise proposal

You don’t have to rely on friends or family.

Of course, you can ask a friend to take photos or even video of your proposal, but they may lack the skills or be too obvious and ruin the surprise. A professional photographer will not only create high-quality, frame-worthy images, but they’ll know how to be sneaky about taking photos from a distance to maintain the intimate feel of the proposal.

woman and man sharing a kiss at white rock mountain arkansas during their surprise proposal

Capture a piece of your love story.

When you’re planning how to pop the question, consider hiring a photographer to capture your proposal and the love and joy of your relationship.

Just as much as your first date and your wedding day, your proposal is a major part of your story together. If you take the time to capture this moment with photos, you’ll be glad you did years and decades later, when you look back on your relationship.

woman and man sharing a kiss at white rock mountain arkansas during their surprise proposal

It is definitely Engagement Season! Are you planning a surprise proposal of your own and searching for the perfect photographer? Perhaps you are ready for engagement and wedding photos? I’d love to get to know you and chat about how we can fill a gallery with the images of your dreams! Contact me! I’d love to!

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