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Choosing Engagement Session Locations

african american man and woman dancing on rooftop of parking deck in downtown dallas


In this specific installment of the series, I want to discuss choosing your locations for your Arkansas engagement session. No worries– I am here for you! Planning a wedding is stressful indeed, but your photography experience should be as smooth as butter. I started an engagement session series here on my blog because I want to be sure to provide you with as much information as possible on your journey to “I Do”!

I’ve written quite a few blog posts on engagement sessions, but I’ve never discussed how to choose your engagement session locations. My couples get to choose at least two sessions (one for each outfit, and within 15 minutes of each other)!

Location is not the most important part of your engagement photography session, but it can have a big impact on how your images turn out. Choosing the right location for you as a couple may require some thought and compromise, but it will be worth it to get images you love.

african american man and woman dancing on rooftop of parking deck in downtown dallas

Pick a Place That Suits You as a Couple

When choosing a location for your engagement photos, think about your lifestyles and how you like to spend your time. Do you love exploring new places and going on adventures? Choose one of your favorite spots in town or even go hiking! Do you like to visit local restaurants or coffee shops? Order a latte and settle in. Maybe you’re a homebody and you feel most comfortable on your couch. Opt for a lifestyle session in your home then. Your engagement photos should encapsulate the love you feel for each other and what makes your relationship unique to the two of you.

man and woman walking during their fayetteville arkansas engagement session

Outfits are Important to Locations, Too!

If you’re not sure where to have your engagement session but you absolutely know what outfit you’re going to wear, then let your clothes guide you. For example, you wouldn’t wear a formal dress to the beach or a flowing gown in an urban environment. Consider where your clothes would fit in best, and if you’re unsure, I’m more than happy to help!

african american man and woman dancing in the Argenta district of north little rock arkansas

Draw Inspiration From Your Love Story

Think about the places that have been part of your relationship: where the two of you first met, the location of your first date, where you or your partner proposed. If you attended school together or met at a local event venue, consider incorporating this location into your engagement session. It’s a sentimental touch that reminds both of you of where it all started and how far you’ve come together.

man and woman enjoying each other during their forth worth botanical gardens engagement session in dallas fort worth texa

Head to Your Hometown

Whether you both share a hometown or you’ve made your home in a new place together, the place your love story blossomed and grew can be the perfect spot for your engagement photos. Maybe you met in college and want to incorporate your alma mater into your session. Think about the places that matter most to you and how they can help you tell your love story.

Choose a Favorite Date Spot

Do you have a favorite local restaurant or coffee shop? Maybe you have a museum you like to visit. If there’s a nearby spot that you love to enjoy together, it can be the perfect location for your engagement session. You’ll already feel comfortable in a familiar place, so you can focus on each other and worry less about the camera pointed at you.

Keep the Time of day in Mind

When it comes to photography, lighting makes all the difference in the world. I tend to shoot during golden hour which is 1-2 hours before sunset or 1-2 hours after sunrise. The light is so much more flattering at these times!

Plan for the Season

If you want fall photos with changing leaves or spring photos with blossoming trees, do some research and find out where the best natural colors are in your area. And don’t forget to plan your outfits accordingly! Be sure to check the weather before your engagement session to know what clothes you need to wear, and don’t be afraid to bundle up if it promises to be cold out. Cozy photos can be very cute!

african american man and woman smiling at each other during their downtown memphis tennessee engagement session.

Visit Your Venue

If you’ve already chosen a wedding venue, it can be a romantic location for your engagement session. This is an especially good idea if your venue is picturesque or has a beautiful garden or outdoor area that you can walk through. You can even recreate some of your engagement photos on your wedding day!

african american man and woman twirling in front of the arkansas state capitol doors during their arkansas engagement session in little rock.

I hope that you find the tips for choosing your Arkansas engagement session location helpful! Let me know if you have any questions, I am always happy to help!

Ready to book your Arkansas engagement session? Maybe your Dallas engagement session? Or your engagement session anywhere, because yes boo, I travel!

By the way, all wedding collections come with an engagement session! Contact me, I’m ready for you to join my family!

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