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Traditional Wedding at New St. Hurricane

A love story that began about 4 years ago at the Family Dollar finally came full circle at New St. Hurricane Church in Pine Bluff, AR. The moment that stood out to me the most was when Ajanae burst into tears when practicing her personal vows to CJ in the getting ready room, and also how CJ would ask me constantly for an update about her prior to the ceremony.

It was during this moment that I was reminded all over again why I love what I do. Ajanae and CJ are an incredible couple with an amazing support group (family and friends) surrounding them. After spending a day surrounded by their family and friends, it was obvious to me that this wasn’t an ordinary couple. They were so special and so loved by so many. As you scroll through this visual story of their beautiful traditional wedding in Pine Bluff, I hope that you will not only see images of a beautiful wedding, but that you will also feel like you’re a part of their wedding day and have really gotten to know them like I have had the privilege of doing throughout this year! Enjoy their amazing wedding day!

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