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How to Get Your First Look to Go Smoothly

There are so many moving parts on a wedding day–we need the First Look to go smoothly! So many benefits lie behind doing a First Look with your future spouse on your big day. The First Look can help to reduce nerves, have a more relaxed day, and even allows me to do more artistic type shots to include in your final gallery. The First Look also helps to relax your timeline a little. 

So yes–you and your boo have decided that the First Look is what you want to do on your big day and now you want to know how you can get the First Look to go more smoothly? Keep on reading, my friend!

Here are my tips on how to ensure that The First Look goes smoothly on your big day:

Leave the Veil for the Ceremony

If you’re doing a First Look you more than likely want to have your bouquet or a gift for your future spouse. The last thing you want to do is get a big hug from your future spouse and your veil comes out! If you want to have your veil for the portraits after the First Look, have someone bring it to you after the First Look is complete.  I recommend waiting until later to put the veil on so that way you’ll have two different looks in the gallery –one with the veil and one without. You also don’t want your veil to become a distraction or knock off the timeline due to the tediousness of pinning it in. 

Time is of the Essence

There is no need to rush during the First Look. If you want to take 5 minutes, cool. 25 minutes–cool too. This time will be built into your wedding day timeline, and I think it is important for you two to hug and kiss, embrace each other and just really take in this sweet moment. 

Trust Me on the Location

I may recommend a location at the venue due to lighting, weather, etc. Even if you had a specific spot in mind, I can assure you that we will use it at some point during the day. I want to make sure that you and your spouse look your best during the First Look and I also have to think of lighting for two different angles which can sometimes be a challenge! Additionally, I tend to choose spots that are secluded so that your First Look is intimate and you won’t feel like everyone is watching you. It’s going to definitely be worth it!

Have any questions regarding the First Look? Be sure to leave a comment below! Interested in having me capture your big day? I’d love to! Send me a note here!

Nancy Cole is a wedding photographer serving Arkansas, Dallas, TX and beyond. She loves hanging out with her daughter Ashton and eating all of the Reese’s that her heart desires. Learn more about the wedding experience here!


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