Faith’s Surprise Engagement at The Butcher Shop


A surprise engagement happened last weekend at the Butcher Shop in Little Rock, Arkansas! Not only happy because I got a chance to photograph it, but I’ve watched their love story unfold of the last several years.

Faith and Datuan are the cutest couple that I’ve ever met and they complement each other not only in style, but in their personalities. If you need style inspiration, I suggest you check her out!Faith is so outspoken, Datuan is the quiet one (Faith May not agree with this one)! Faith is a plus size fashion blogger in Little Rock.

Datuan decided in January that he was going to propose to Faith and asked for help from her close friends. Her friends went straight to work putting everything together (that speaks volumes about the friends that Faith has!) Faith wanted a low-key birthday this year, but she got a bang! Friends from all over the country came to help celebrate, and when Faith walked in to the room at the Butcher Shop, she could not believe it—a room full of close family members and friends who have been keeping a secret from her for months! While totally crying her eyes out, Datuan asked her to turn around and Datuan was on one knee! *cue tears from everyone*

Congratulations, Faith and Datuan! I am so happy for you guys and excited to see your journey over the next several months!


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