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May 5, 2020

Ease Wedding Day Stress!

Today I want to share a few ways to ease your stress on wedding day. There are so many moving parts on your big day, and I want to make sure that it all goes well and you have the best experience from all of your vendors!

Assign the Responsibility to Someone Else

Give the 1000 things you know that will need to be done on your wedding day to someone else (hello wedding planner!) Whomever you delegate something to will be more than happy to do so on your big day. Your focus should be on yourself and your marriage and let someone else handle the other things.

Set Yourself Up for Peace & Excitement

Schedule your wedding day with a strategy. Allow some buffer time to your timeline in case something runs over, like hair and makeup. Ensure that you schedule a time to sit and eat before being introduced at the reception. The wedding day happens only once. Creating boundaries will help you more than you know. I love to help my brides create a wedding day timeline to add buffer time to make sure that the wedding day goes as planned.

Be Thankful

If something goes wrong, remind yourself what matters most. You will marry the love of your life. You will spend the evening of the wedding day partying with family and friends with excellent food, cake, dancing, and toasts. Once the day is over, you will probably head off to your lovely honeymoon to kick off your life as a married couple.

It is so easy to forget this while caught up in the quickness of the wedding day–there are so many things demanding your attention. If you feel stress creeping in and attempting to steal your joy, take a few minutes to re-center yourself and place your focus back on what matters.

Let it Go. Let it Go!

We love for things to be 100% perfect. There are so many moving parts to a wedding day, and while we don’t want things to go wrong, something just might! We are human, and everyone is doing the best they can. If something goes unplanned, it will be minimal and not derail the day.

If it is something that is going to cause stress, remember these things:

  1. Delegate tasks.
  2. Be grateful for things that are working well.
  3. Trust your plan.
  4. Enjoy your fabulous day.

It’s about perspective and controlling what you can.

These tips may not be magic, but they will undoubtedly help to alleviate some wedding day stress. Plan and make an effort to have a fun, romantic, and joy-filled wedding day. You want to look at your wedding album and remember all the joy and happy moments, not the stress. I surely hope these tips help you and your love ease wedding day stress and have the best wedding day ever!

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