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ashton | year 4

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Time flies when you are having fun! Better yet, time flies when children are growing up. We, as a society are so quick to rush our lives away. Instead of enjoying the moment, we live for the weekend, not giving regards to how we are rushing one of the most precious thing ever given to us…time.

We knew that you would be unique and special before you even arrived. On this very day in 2013, you decided that morning that you wanted to go ahead and give life outside the womb a try. We left the OB ┬ádoctor’s office, went home to get the hospital bags, and arrived at JRMC Labor and Delivery Unit at 9:30 AM.

Things did not happen the way we imagined in our head. Multiple failed epidural attempts and finally you went into distress and a c-section was warranted. At 10:22 pm, you were announced to the world, and we were overjoyed. You did not make a sound – no cry, no cough – you looked around the OR room as if you could not believe that someone bothered you!

It is safe to say that time is truly moving fast. The last three years have brought us so many wonderful moments with you. We have laughed with and at you. You have taught us many life lessons. We could not imagine life without you.

We pray that you continue to be the strong-headed, type-A personality that we have raised over the last three years. Your infectious smile and strong personality is what the world needs right now. We will continue to love on you and raise you just how our parents (your grandparents) raised us.

Happy 4th Birthday, Ashton Leigh. Every single moment that we have captured of you behind the lens is one of the very reasons we began this photography adventure, and we hope to capture these very moments with others as well.

Love you, babycakes!


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