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Amber + Ian | Second Shooting

I recently had the opportunity to second shoot for the lovely Kim Christopher of Kim Christopher Photography at the end of September! My goal as a second shooter is to always be sure that I am able to assist and not hindering the process of documenting the day, and no joke, I was a little concerned that either I would not meet her expectations or our styles would differ greatly. She is such a sweetheart and I am so glad that our paths crossed earlier this year, and no worries, our styles are so similar!

Kim and I documented a wedding in the woods in Little Rock, AR. Amber and Ian were such a joy to capture. Amber is such a daddy’s girl (which is too sweet)! Her and her father cried tears of joy during the daddy-daughter first look—talk about tears everywhere from me!

As Ian look at Amber coming down the aisle, you could instantly feel the love between the two. The two tied the knot against a beautiful lake in Amber’s parents’ backyard.

Before you enjoy some images from my perspective of the day, here are some things that I have learned about being a second shooter:

  1. No moment is missed – this is because there are two perspectives and a photographer in two different areas of the room. Additionally, (God-forbid) what happens if your camera equipment fails? Either the second shooter can capture moments while you troubleshoot your camera, or you can use the second shooter’s camera while the second shooter backs up CF or SD cards for you!
  2. Less stress, and more creativity – the primary photographer is able to take some of the stress off of the primary by capturing other parts of the day and allowing for the primary (as well as the secondary) to be a little more creative as there is not a huge time crunch.
  3. Assistance with moving through family formals quickly – while the primary shooter will not need duplicates of family formals, the second shooter can gather family members that are needed for the family formals and ensure that each grouping is captured according to the timeline.
  4. Lifelong friendships – I know that once I have established a good relationship with the primary shooter, he or she can call on me when needed (hopefully I won’t have a wedding the weekend that the primary needs me!) and if I need the primary shooter for a wedding where I am the lead photographer, I can call on him or her as well. Second shooting for another photographer allowed me the opportunity to learn something from her, and hopefully, she learned something from me.

Congratulations, Amber and Ian! Enjoy some of my favorites below! If you would like to experience the entire wedding, head over to Kim’s blog post here! Thank you, Kim, for allowing me to second shoot for you!

Cue all the tears during the daddy-daughter first look! And make sure one of the bridesmaids are there with the tissue!

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