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5 Reasons to do a First Look

First Looks are a huge decision for the wedding couple. Many couples want to hold on to the tradition of the bride and groom not seeing each other prior to the wedding ceremony, but more and more are letting go of that decision and opting for the First Look. The question is– is a First Look right for you and your significant other? Read on to find out! 

The First Look Calms Nerves

Many couples are nervous on their wedding day, and the First Look can help calm their nerves tremendously! Their nerves go away after seeing each other, and they are able to enjoy the remainder of the wedding day without all the stress.

More Time Together

Couples who plan a First Look spend 3-5 more hours together than those who do not opt for the First Look. Think about it — your wedding day is spent with getting ready, enjoying some jams with your favorite girls or guys, and saying hello to the guests who come help celebrate with you. Spending more time with your spouse on your big day is something that you will not be able to get back, and I do not want you to regret it. 

bride and groom holding hands and smiling

More Time With Guests

A First Look also allows you to spend more time with your guests. Couples who do not opt for a First Look set aside 60 minutes after the ceremony for bridal party portraits and family formals. During this time, your guests are enjoying the cocktail hour and waiting for you to arrive at the reception. The First Look allows for 15-20 minutes of bride and groom portraits and for you to enjoy cocktail hour saying hello to your guests. The First Look will also allow for a reception room reveal so you can enjoy saying hi to your guests and thanking them for coming. 

More Wedding Photos

The First Look allows for more time for photos. I am able to increase the amount of couples portraits when my couples opt for a First Look. Bridal party portraits and family formal portraits can be done right after the First Look instead of asking them to leave the reception. 

NOTE: Be sure to be cautious of the sunset times for each season. In the fall, 4-6 PM may be too dark for photos. In the summer, 4-6 PM may be too hot. A suggestion is to aim for1-1.5 hours before sunset. 

Couples portraits, family photos, and bridal party portraits after a ceremony that does not have a first look can be difficult. This will not allow time for the beautiful artistic photographs you want from your wedding. A First Look allows for all of those images to be not be rushed and spread throughout the day. 

a man and a woman in love wedding day in gray suit and white wedding dress


First Looks allow for intimate moments with your spouse. Couples without a First Look spend small pockets of time with their spouse during the wedding day. You can spend 15-30 minutes during the First Look to cry, laugh, shake off all nerves, and enjoy being together. I have seen grooms cry at the First Look and the ceremony, and it is the sweetest ever! Seeing his bride is something that can be ruined–no matter how it’s done. 

There you have it lovelies! Posed and candid shots help to tell your love story. I want to devote as much time as possible because your love story deserves it.

Your wedding is going to be everything that you have dreamed it to be. I can’t wait to help capture your memories! 

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