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I’ve watched Shameika and Aaron pray, cry, travel back and forth to Little Rock and eventually Boston, MA while their baby girl, Avery was in the hospital. It was such a tough time — lots of unknowns, diagnoses, etc until Avery gained her angel wings on May 10, 2016. I’ll never forget when Shameika told […]

“All Glory to thee, Pine Bluff High!” I’m partial to any seniors that come from Pine Bluff High, because that is were I graduated from a few years ago.. and especially when you marched in the band, because it’s the best thing ever! Lakeycia will graduate from Pine Bluff High School on May 18, and […]

I know, I know, Last week was my self-proclaimed college senior week. BUT! I have one more. (I promise, this is my last!) Andrea is among one of the sweetest people that I have met lately, and she will graduate from UAPB (affectionately called Dear Mother) on May 12 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. […]

I decided to minimize the number of high school seniors I take on this year for several reasons, but here’s the main one: I wanted to pour my all into them personally and professionally, and deliver a different type of senior experience to them. I do this so much more than for pretty images. This […]

II’m so happy about today’s college senior blog post because it is about a young man getting ready to enter into the classroom in the fall! We need more men in the classroom to make an impact on our children’s lives, specifically the young men. We don’t see many men entering into the classroom, and […]

I’ll say this right now—the next college senior will have to pick me up and drive me to campus, instead of me fighting with public safety for a temporary parking pass. I’m pretty sure they were tired of me asking for one every day last week! (I’m kidding, I’ll go to great lengths for my […]

Here’s the second blog dedicated to my self proclaimed senior week! I did finally connect with someone who was graduating from UAPB, but not involved in the life of physical sciences! I love her just as much at the others! Shaina will graduate from UAPB on May 12 with a Bachelor’s degree in social work. […]

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I’ve said this probably every single blog post, but my seniors (high school and college) are some of the best people I’ve ever met in this season of my business! I’ve been blessed that they all come from UAPB, majority of them are graduating with degrees in the sciences! I might as well declare this […]

I kid you not. My high school seniors have their whole lives together! They know what school their going to, what they’re going to study, and it just makes my entire heart happy! I got a chance to meet with Miss Kalyah Edwards who will be graduating from White Hall High School in just a […]

It is my hope that you had an amazing Easter! It was a little hectic this past weekend, with getting things finalized for Easter, last minute prep for wedding season and finishing up some senior sessions! But I want to ensure that all of my clients experience a true Nancy Cole photography experience with me! […]

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